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Aquamira Products



Hydration for Adventure + Emergency Preparedness

Aquamira's, team builds technologies that turn contaminated water into safe drinking water for individuals, families and communities.  They build practical solutions that serve people, protect health, and save lives from the threat of waterborne illnesses. The goal is to help you stay safely hydrated through fun and adventurous times as well as during emergency situations.







Disaster Preparedness and Community Resilience

When disaster strikes, public health can be safeguarded by deploying a system specifically designed to address a community’s need for a reliable and safe water supply. The innovative DIVVY Emergency Water System represents the application of our proven filtration technology to a bulk system capable of serving whole communities. Emergency managers, universities, public health professionals, hospitals, and humanitarian organizations working around the world have opted to pre-position and deploy the DIVVY system to address the large-scale demands following an unexpected event.